Cash Flow Forecast

Resource Overview

Use this template and to monitor forecasted and actual cash flow.


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Your Problem

You need to forecast cash flow and compare the forecast to the actual cash flow.

Our Solution

Use the Cash Flow Forecast to monitor and compare forecasted and actual cash flow.  This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provides a detailed analysis of current cash in as well as cash expenditures.  While planning for your upcoming year, input your company's projected cash flow into the "Cash Flow Projection" tab.  As the year comences and moves forward, input your actual cash flow into the "Cash Flow Actual" tab.  Once you input your company's specific financial information, a comparison of forecasted v. actual cash flow will be automatically generated in the "Analysis" tab.

Key Benefits

  • allows you to forecast cash flow for the year during planning season
  • includes space to provide actual cash flow during the year
  • automatically reports on forecasted vs. actual cash flow
  • can be easily customized to suit your needs
  • saves 4 hours on formatting


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Financial Analysis