Are you committing random acts of content?

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I've had several conversations with members recently about some of their content marketing challenges.  Many of them are struggling to figure out what kind of content to develop, and there is a temptation to just start publishing anything that is easy to produce.  Suzy Mckee, Senior Product Manager at Sitecore, recently shared on our webinar, "Top 5 Barriers to World-Class Digital Marketing" that creating a digital relevancy map is an good way to prevent "random acts of content".  This is an excellent idea, and members can use the Demand Metric Content Mapping Template to help create this map.  This template helps you quickly see where in the buying stages you have relevant content, and where you don't.  Of course, it is a good idea to also create a buyer persona to better understand the audience for your content!  There are about 40 content marketing resources in the Demand Metric library, and these two may be the best if you are committing random acts of content.

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Use this template to create a visual representation of your content marketing plan.