Sales Insight: Understanding the Sales Enablement Paradox

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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

I wanted to share a recent Salesforce blog post written by one of Demand Metric's Research Directors, Christine Crandell that comments on Demand Metric’s recent Sales Enablement Study.

Here are a few key points from Christine’s post:

  • “How well companies define and manage sales enablement can determine how predictable their revenue is.”
  • “There is a direct correlation between sales enablement effectiveness and how well (or poorly) the function’s role is understood by the rest of the organization.  A whopping 74% of respondents who rated their sales enablement as underperforming also said the function was “poorly or very poorly understood” by the organization.”
  • “…the respondents who rated the function as performing also said the function was well understood by the organization.” 
  • “The study found that organizations that consistently achieve or exceed their sales goals have a vibrant sales enablement function.”

How well is sales enablement understood and put into practice in your company?

To learn more about Demand Metric’s Sales Enablement study, check out the YouTube video.

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