YouTube Posting Checklist

Resource Overview

Use this checklist to ensure you complete all of the tasks associated with posting your videos on YouTube.


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Your Problem

You have completed the post-production (editing) stage of the video production process and are prepared to distribute your content.  You want to know all of the tasks you will need to accomplish in order to successfully post your videos on YouTube.

Our Solution

Our YouTube Posting Checklist was created to help you follow the 5th stage of video production - distribution.  One of the most important channels you will post your video content on is YouTube.  This Microsoft Excel checklist includes all of the key tasks associated with completing this stage of video production.

Review our Video Production Stages Map to learn how this tool fits into the entire video production process.

Key Benefits

  • outlines key tasks for posting YouTube videos
  • includes studio-proven insights
  • assists in the 5th stage of video production
  • ability to assign task owners
  • saves hours on process development


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Content Management