What is a GrowthOS?

A GrowthOS is a software (SaaS) designed to help cross-functional commercial teams execute faster and more effectively to drive increased revenue growth.



  • Product Launches

  • New Product Development (NPD)

  • Account Based Sales & Marketing

  • Agile Project Management

  • Campaign & Event Management

  • Strategic Planning & OKRs

  • Website Redesigns


Hear from the Director of Marketing at the Medical University of South Carolina who dropped Workfront and implemented our GrowthOS.





Top 10 benefits of implementing a GrowthOS

  1. Reduce time-to-market by 10%+ on product launches

  2. Mitigate the risk of failed new product introductions

  3. Deploy a Center of Excellence very quickly

  4. Adopt an Agile operating model to manage work

  5. Drastically reduce number of meetings

  6. Smash silos and collaborate more effectively

  7. Measure & report on staff productivity & capacity

  8. Easily justify new hires & budget as needed

  9. Optimize commerical NPD & GTM processes

  10. Engrain your processes into an easy-to-use software







Demand Metric spent 15 years researching best practices for Product Management, Marketing, and Sales and built the world's most comprehensive library of 1,000+ Playbooks & Toolkits, Templates, Training Courses, Reports & How-To Guides to support our 200,000+ members and 8,000+ customers globally.

In 2018, we plugged our tools & best practices into our new GrowthOS SaaS platform in the form of pre-built project plan and process workflow templates to support cross-functional teams striving to achieve commercial excellence and greater agility. 


More than a project management tool, a GrowthOS is a "Command Center" for running your new Center of Excellence (CoE) for commercial operations.


A GrowthOS is a flexible, customizable platform that integrates with your other systems.  Your single source of truth to launch better products, 10-20% faster.



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