Social Media Implementation Checklist

Resource Overview

A tool to organize and assign tasks when implementing a Social Media program.


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Your Problem

You need to jump start a Social Media initiative.

Our Solution

Use the Social Media Implementation Checklist to organize and assign tasks when implementing a social media program.  This Microsoft Excel spreasheet allows you assign owners, dates and status updates to your tasks to make your implementation efficient.

Download our free Social Media Marketing Plan Methodology, which uses this tool to help you implement a Social Media Marketing Program that gets results.

Key Benefits

  • provides key steps to implementing a social media program
  • ability to assign task owner
  • capability to easily update dates and statuses of tasks
  • simple way to keep your team aware of the stages of the project
  • saves 2 hours of formatting


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Organizational