Project Prioritization Tool

Resource Overview

A tool to rank projects based on their strategic fit, economic impact, and feasibility.


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Your Problem

You need to determine which projects are of the highest priority. Without project prioritization, it can be difficult to determine and implement key company strategies. In the process of determining this project prioritization, it is important that you document and outline your decision making process.

Our Solution

A Project Prioritization Tool to rank projects based on their company strategic fit, economic impact, and feasibility. The project prioritization tool works by allowing you to create a rational method to force rank each project where you define and weight the importance of each of the ranking criteria.

This tool enables you to rank projects and to score on a scale of 1-10. Once you have done so, a bubble matrix chart is automatically generated to communicate the findings of your analysis. This bubble matrix chart will help you get a visual understanding of the different projects you are working on.

Key Benefits

  • simple color-coded format
  • easy to use with drop-down boxes
  • faciliates communication with team
  • save 10 hours on formatting
  • automatically generates bubble chart


Estimated Time Required: 4 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Basic)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet