Project Management Policy

Resource Overview

A template to document a project management policy and process.


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Your Problem

You need to establish a standardized process for managing projects, and are required to come up with a document that defines the project management policy for your company. You need to look at all aspects related to the policy ruling your projects, including the scope, cost, timeframes, sponsorships, and steps to present projects.

Our Solution

We created a Microsoft Word Project Management Policy template to document project policy and process. The sections of our template include: Purpose, scope, project management policy, project management procedure, and marketing department sign-off.

Our project management policy template will help you define and structure the processes you use to manage your projects, and this tool can also be used to determine the different procedures you should follow and that you are not currently using. By using this tool, your team will be provided with a clear understanding of how projects within your company should be structured.

Key Benefits

  • standardizes project management process
  • defines tools & templates to be used
  • sets expectations for the department
  • outlines how to request, executive & close projects
  • save 2 hours on writting & formatting


Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Business Writing

Microsoft Word Document