Influencer Marketing Playbook

Resource Overview

Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 12 premium tools and templates to create a streamlined approach to influencer marketing campaign execution and measurement.


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Our Influencer Marketing Playbook is a methodology that highlights our tool-kit of 12 premium tools & templates. Use this playbook to develop a comprehensive influencer marketing plan.  

Demand Metric's Influencer Marketing Playbook is a step-by-step methodology that helps you build a strategic process using "Best Practices" and other Demand Metric tools & templates.  For background info on Demand Metric playbooks (aka methodologies), read our blog post: Much Ado About Methodologies.

Stages of this playbook include:

  1. Learn
  2. Plan
  3. Enable
  4. Execute
  5. Measure

There are 12 premium tools & templates linked inside of this playbook to facilitate the process.