Influencer Comparison and Selection Tool

Resource Overview

Use this template to compare influencers for an upcoming Influencer Marketing campaign.


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Your Problem

You need to select the right influencer or influencers for an upcoming campaign. 

Our Solution

Use the Influencer Comparison and Selection Template to help you conduct a systematic comparison of 10 influencers against a common set of decision-making criteria.

The decision making criteria is composed of the following: Alignment with company goals, cultural alignment, competitive partnerships, followers, engagement, circle of influence, risk, fraud & verification, and content quality. 

Customize the decision making criteria to suit the needs of your business and use this template to ensure that you select the right influencer or influencers for your upcoming campaign.

Key Benefits

Apples-to-apples comparison
professionally formatted document
helps you stay organized
save 5 hours on formatting
easy to edit and modify