The Importance of Social CRM

Resource Overview

Social CRM is about interacting and engaging your consumer audience. Read this guide to better understand the importance of social CRM and how to get your business can benefit.


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Executive Summary

Not long ago, social media and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) were viewed as separate initiatives with different purposes. Now, there is clear intersection between the two, giving rise to the concept of Social CRM. The logic is obvious: an initiative that is all about managing customer relationships should have some degree of visibility into or integration with the vast social media networks and followings companies have built.

This How-To Guide will explain what Social CRM (SCRM) is and how your business can benefit, detail various applications of SCRM and outline an action plan for getting your business started in the world of SCRM.

Read this brief 11-page guide to understand the following:

  1. The importance of SCRM
  2. What SCRM can mean for your business
  3. How to engage your audience and respond to crisis


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