Gamification Infographic Published by Demand Metric


July 17, 2013 - Gamification Infographic Published by Demand Metric

Gamification infographic simplifies understanding gamification strategy for mid-sized enterprises

Demand Metric has published a gamification infographic containing a simplified explanation of gamification as a strategy, its benefits, advice on how to get started and examples of gamification applications.  This gamification infographic is a free resource, available for viewing and sharing from the Demand Metric website. 

Gamification is the application of game theory and design to non-game situations to create greater interest, engagement and fun.  The application of game theory – gamification – to situations creates the opportunity to turn the mundane into something interesting, increasing involvement, participation and engagement.  “There is a new generation moving into the workforce, and they are bringing with them new ways of learning and communicating,” says John Follett, chief marketing officer at Demand Metric. “Video games, social media, and all things interactive have been an integral part of everyday life for this generation, presenting new opportunities for marketers to engage with users.  Online communities and gamification are important means of engaging them in real-time dialogue while providing unique benefits and rewards to which the digital generation has become accustomed.”

A real-life application of the gamification strategy is Demand Metric's new, online marketing community, which launched in mid-June, 2013.  This marketing community is a forum that employs gamification to encourage interaction and make sharing expertise fun and rewarding.

The Demand Metric gamification infographic explains what gamification is, how it works, describes the benefits, provides examples of who is using gamification and discusses how to get started.  This gamification infographic is freely available for viewing, sharing or embedding.  In addition, Demand Metric has published a How-to Guide, “Engaging Users with Gamification” that is available for download by Demand Metric members.