eWorkshop: Channel Marketing Automation

Resource Overview

This eWorkshop will focus on the strategies, technologies and best practices for using marketing automation to optimize channel partnerships.


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eWorkshop Description:

During this eWorkshop, Vice President of Research, Clare Price will discuss:
  • How companies can use marketing automation to empower their channel partners for revenue growth and profitability
  • How company brands can have the best of both worlds: maintain brand integrity and have visibility into the channel partner pipeline
  • Best Practices for Channel Marketing Automation for creating channel incentives through multi-tiered marketing and sales automation
  • Benefits of Channel Marketing Automation 

About the Instructor:

Clare Price is a B2B marketing strategist with expertise in sales and marketing alignment, sales enablement, marketing automation, brand value and brand equity development, content marketing and social media strategies. A former Research Director for Gartner, Clare is the author of five marketing books (The 5 Easy Pages Marketing System) and a sought after conference speaker.