Dashboard Readiness Assessment

Resource Overview

This Dashboard Readiness Assessment will help you determine your readiness for creating a dashboard for your business.


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Your Problem

You want to create a dashboard for your business but you do not know if you are ready to do so or if you even require one. You need to complete a self-assessment to determine whether or not you should create a dashboard.

Our Solution

We created the Dashboard Readiness Assessment tool to evaluate your organization's readiness to create a marketing dashboard initiative. This is a beneficial tool to utilize when conducting a self-assessment audit.

In the Dashboard Readiness Assessment, the first step is to rate your compliance with best practices across the following key dimensions: Marketing Metrics & Dashboard Capability; Business Process Documentation & Maturity; Data Management & Information Assets; Human Resources & Skill Sets; and Systems & Technology. In the self-assessment tab, you will find a series of examples of best practices. After you have rated your company in the self-assessment tab, you will be provided with a visual representation of your score. You will also be provided with high-level recommendations for ways to improve upon areas where your company did not rate as well.

Key Benefits

  • quickly identify strengths & weaknesses
  • provides intelligent recommendations 
  • tracks measurable improvements
  • save 10 hours on formatting
  • automatically generates graph


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Meeting Facilitation