Customer Engagement Strategy Workbook

Resource Overview

Use this template to outline, summarize, communicate and track your overall Customer Engagement plan.


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Your Problem

You are trying to create an high-level overview of your Customer Engagement strategy.

Our Solution

Use our Customer Engagement Strategy Workbook to create 'scorecard' that concisely outlines your Customer Engagement (CE) strategy in terms of objectives, programs, metrics, and timeframes.

In the 'Customer Engagement Scorecard' tab, enter your high-level goals or objectives for your CE strategy. In this tab, you will able to list the initiatives you will conduct to you meet your objectives and the metrics that will measure their effectiveness.

After you have completed your 'Scorecard', you can begin tracking your goals and timeframes in the 'Goal Tracking' tab as you implement your CE programs.

Key Benefits

  • highlights the main idea of your project's purpose
  • documents your program objectives
  • easily customizale
  • saves hours of formatting
  • works in conjunction with other Customer Engagement tools


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Basic)