CPQ Readiness Assessment

Resource Overview

Use this tool to help you measure your organization's readiness for a CPQ initiative.


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Your Problem

You are preparing for a CPQ initiative and need to measure your readiness for change. It is important that you are prepared for your company´s CPQ initiative.

Our Solution

We created the CPQ Readiness Assessment to help you measure your readiness for a CPQ initiative. This tool evaluates your readiness based on the following key areas: Senior Managment Commitment, Digital Asset Management, Content Management Process, Sales & Marketing Alignment, and Systems & Technology.

Once you've completed the self-assessment in the Readiness Assessment tab, you will receive a readiness assessment score and a comprehensive analysis of your assessment in the results tab. The analysis of your score will provide you with recommendations so you can become more prepared for the CPQ initiative.

Key Benefits

  • easily customized fields
  • provides a list of best CPQ best practices
  • allows for a self-assessment of selected criterion
  • calculates a final score and a detailed analysis of the results
  • evaluates your overall readiness for an initiative


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Excel (Basic)