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We have now completed our Video Marketing Solution Study!

Our Video Marketing Solution Study presents the insights, landscape and vendors within the content marketing space. At Demand Metric, we define Video Marketing as the strategies, processes and technologies employed by an organization to generate interest in their brand, company and products through the use of relevant, engaging video content.

Businesses utilize videos to provide information, education, advice and/or entertainment to their target audience. These videos include a powerful combination of elements – audio, cast/speaker(s), images, graphics and text – that are exceptionally appealing and effective at promoting messages.

Video Marketing encompasses a wide variety of activities, including program planning, the alignment of target audience & video content, video production, content distribution, video optimization & monetization and program analysis.

The main goals of a Video Marketing program are to develop brand awareness, to provide attention-grabbing content for clients & prospects and to generate qualified, captivated leads.

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Video Marketing Solution Study

Our Video Marketing Solution Study highlights insights, the landscape, and the vendors associated with the Video Marketing space.