Marketing Analytics Readiness Assessment

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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote:

Marketing analytics continues to be a topic where our members are seeking resources.  We've hosted two webinars this year and have some How-to Guides on our resource library.  We're in the process right now of working on a new study that looks at the data sources, tools, technologies, collaboration and sharing that is part of the analytics process.  It seems that an assessment tool would be a great idea, something organizations could use to determine how ready they are to start up an analytics initiative.  

I can imagine this tool helping to assess data sources, tools, expertise and executive commitment - what else should it consider?

Who is interested in seeing such a tool?

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Use this tool to assess your marketing measurement and reporting capabilities.

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Clare Price
Clare Price wrote:

Important Topic Jerry! We can't improve what we cannot measure and with all the data marketers now have access to, solid analytics are a need not a luxury today. An asessment tool and an analytics scorecard would be valuable to members.