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In January and February of 2014, we partnered with Salesfusion to administer a survey on the state of the current lead generation process.  Our Chief Analyst, Jerry Rackley, reviewed and analyzed the data obtained from this survey to produce an in-depth benchmark report - "Lead Generation - Fueling the Revenue Engine."

Some of the key findings from this report include:

  • Two key dimensions of lead generation process performance are volume and quality.  In this study, 58 percent of participants say their process doesn’t produce enough leads, while 85 percent rate the quality of leads generated from moderate to very high.
  • The existence of a standard or definition for lead quality seems to have a positive influence on quality of leads the process generates.  For study participants that report their process produces high or very high quality leads, 74 percent had a moderately or very effective lead quality standard in place.  Just 48 percent of the full survey sample reported this same level of effectiveness for their lead quality standard.
  • The approach to lead generation targeted for the greatest increase in investment is content marketing (70 percent); the approach targeted for the largest decrease is tradeshow or event marketing (40 percent).

Download our Lead Generation Benchmark Report to get a full picture of the results obtained from this survey and to read detailed analyst insights on this data.

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In January & February of 2014, Demand Metric and Salesfusion partnered to better understand the current lead generation process.