Frequently Asked Questions


Demand Metric provides Agile Marketing software powered by 1,000+ practical tools and resources to help our members complete their work faster and with more confidence. 

Our community of 125,000+ global members is composed of CEOs and business owners, marketing consultants and agencies, marketing executives and managers, and professionals who specialize in: product management, marketing operations, sales enablement, customer engagement, demand generation, content marketing, project management, account-based marketing, and other disciplines.

Take an Interactive Tour to learn more:


Take an Interactive Tour:

This tour will walk you through the major features and benefits of our memberships.  If you'd like a live tour, you can email us at to book a personalized demo.


Of course, that is what they are there for!  

We created this membership and set of resources to save you time and make you look brilliant.  Feel free to delete our logo and replace it with yours.  You can change the colors, fonts, formulas, whatever you like to make it work for you.  None of our documents are "protected" so you can make any changes you need.  If you need help customizing or designing a new document, we provide these services for an additional fee.


Pre-built, step-by-step project plans with integrated tools, templates, training & other resources

Our Smart Projects take our 1,000+ practical tools and resources and bake them into project plans you can execute using our Agile Marketing software.  Each Smart Project has a series of tasks to complete and comes with a tool or resource to guide you and help you get the job done quickly and using best practices.  Check out this video to learn more:


Yes, look under the hood here:

This is a playlist of videos with our Founder & CEO showing how our Agile Marketing software and Smart Projects work.



Add users in 'Company' tab of 'My Account' section

You can add up to 5 users if you have a Team membership.  For more users contact us at for a custom quote with volume discounts.


PDF, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Video

Our research content (playbooks, reports, how-to guides, maturity models, frameworks, marketing tech reports, etc.) is all in PDF format and CANNOT be customized or rebranded - unless you are a content licensing partner, in which case we can provide some options. All our tools and templates are in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) format so you can customize, re-brand, and edit them.  Training courses and webinars are MP4 videos embedded on our website and LMS.


No... but we have a low-cost plan to take a test-drive.

Our Pro membership ($97/month) allows you to access up to 5 "premium" resources downloads per month (tools & templates).  There is no contract and you can cancel anytime.  This provides a low-risk option to test-drive Demand Metric.  Most of our Pro members upgrade to a Premium or Team plan within their first month.  You can also book a personalized live demo with an on-boarding specialist to see what you get with a paid membership.


Yes, we'll apply a credit towards your upgrade.

For example, if you are on a Pro membership and paid $97 on June 15th, and decide to upgrade to a Premium membership on July 1st, we will take 50% of the $97.00 ($48.50) you already paid and apply a credit towards the cost of the Premium membership ($924 less $48.50 = $875.50).


Your Membership will Auto-Renew

If you signed up online for a monthly or annual membership, it will auto-renew each term. For annual memberships, we send out a reminder email a week before your renewal date to let you know its coming up.  If you signed up with a rep over the phone, your Member Success Manager will contact you prior to your renewal date to confirm that you'd like to renew.


Month-to-Month or Annual Terms

Our Pro membership is a month-to-month plan that you can cancel at any time before your expiry date.  Our Premium and Team plans are annual memberships with a 12 month term.


No, you may not distribute our resources

Our Terms of Use policy doesn't allow you to re-sell, re-post online, distribute, or provide access to our content in any way, unless you are a content licensing partner.  For partnership questions, email us at  

To learn more about how we support consultants, take this interactive tour: 


No - you may not share your login details.

Your membership is for you, and sharing login details with your co-workers is not permited.  Also, if you plan to use our Agile Marketing software to manage projects, everyone will need unique logins so you can assign work to one another.



Go to "My Downloads" in your profile

You will find a list of all the content you have downloaded for easy access.


Go to the "Account" tab in the "My Account" section

If you have any issues updating your billing info or viewing/printing off your receipts, contact us at