Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 2006, Demand Metric is a marketing advisory firm that provides consulting methodologies, benchmarking reports, infographics, how-to guides, advisory services, online training and a library of over 500 marketing tools and templates. These premium resources are available to a membership community of over 55,000 marketing professionals and consultants in 75 countries. 

Using Demand Metric resources, members complete marketing projects more quickly and with greater confidence, boosting respect for the marketing team and making it easier to justify needed resources. Our members range from start-ups to consulting firms to members of the Global 1000. 

Check out this short video explaining how we help our members:

No.  Our Terms of Use policy doesn't allow for you to re-sell, re-post online, distribute, or provide access to our content in anyway.  You are permitted to use our documents for personal use only. For commercially oriented partnership questions, please contact us at  We have lots of partners who re-sell our documents under an agreed partnership arrangement.

We will contact you before the end of your annual term to confirm that you would like to renew for the following year.

No. With our monthly memberships you are granted a single user license.  This means that you can use our documents on any of your computers.  You are not permitted to share your login with other people from your company or to post our content on an intranet or other document server, unless you have an Enterprise content licensing agreement with us.  If you need additional user, please contact us at and we can provide you with a multi-user discount.

Absolutely!  We have created this service to save you time.  Feel free to delete our logo and replace it with yours.  You can change the colors, fonts, formulas, whatever you like to make it work for you.  None of our documents are "protected" so you can make any changes you need.  If you need help customizing or designing a new document, we provide these services for an additional fee.

All of our memberships are priced on an annual basis, so when you sign up, you are commiting to working with us for a year.  We will always contact you to discuss the renewal of your membership before renewing your account for the next year.

We have lots of Mac users.  As long as you can open files in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you should not have any issues.  With Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 or 2011 you should have no compatibility issues.

All of our Consulting Methodologies are in PDF format.  Our Premium Tools & Templates are all Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint).