Unlimited Analyst Inquiry Service

Convenient, Cost-Effective and Specific to Your Needs

Get Advice On-Demand from our Analysts

With Demand Metric’s Analyst Membership, you will have unlimited access to speak with our team of Analysts about your most pressing business challenges. In less than an hour you will have an unbiased, objective advice and tools you can use immediately.

Top 10 Topics

  1. Developing a Marketing Strategy Plan
  2. Creating Compelling Content
  3. Implementing Marketing Automation
  4. Prioritizing Projects & Programs
  5. Measuring Marketing Campaigns ROI
  6. Generating Qualified Sales Leads
  7. Marketing Department Structure
  8. Launching New Products & Services
  9. Redesigning the Corporate Website
  10. Optimizing Social Media Programs

How Does it Work?

  1. Identify a Specific Business Challenge
    • What are your top projects this year? What areas do you lack expertise?
  2. Book Appointment with an Expert Analyst
    • Up to 1 hour discussion about your strategic challenges to get actionable advice
    • Analyst members have unlimited inquiries with our Research Analysts
    • Executive members have unlimited inquiries with Senior Analysts in our Senior Analyst Network
  3. Get Actionable Advice & Tools
    • Action Plan with specific recommendations on how to implement ideas.

How Much Does it Cost

$1,197/Year (Analyst) or $9,997 (Executive)

What else is included?

500+ Premium Tools & Templates
Download from our fast-growing library of plans, budgets, checklists, evaluations, assessments, RFPs, analytical tools, matrixes, dashboards, etc.
Implement Processes with Methodologies
Use the same proven approaches and refined tool-kits as top-tier consulting firms, but don’t get stuck with a huge invoice at the end of your project.
25 Do-it-Yourself Assessments
Evaluate your organization against best practices to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Get results and recommendations.
100+ How-To Guides on Best Practices
Learn quickly with our executive summary style guides that provide the conclusion first, bullets points, and action plans with practical implementation advice.
Join Community of 29,000 Members
Network and connect with other like-minded Marketing professionals who share your passion for getting results and adopting best practices.
Award Winning Support
We have a dedicated English-speaking support team who will answer your questions via email within 24 hours or less. Typically within 15-20 minutes.
Connect with our Analysts & Consultants
If you have a pressing business issue, an unbiased opinion can be helpful; just pick up the phone and call.
Easy to Follow Video Tutorials
If you need to learn quickly, you can follow our 500+ brief video tutorials all recorded in English in HD.
Webinars on Hot Topics
Stay up to date on industry ‘Best Practices’ with our short, extremely practical, 30 minute webinars.
Access to DM University
Develop new, on-the-job skills, with 20+ video training courses and e-workshops from the comfort of your desk.

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