Referral Partnership Agreement

Resource Overview

A template to create a formalized referral agreement between your organization and partners.


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Your Problem

You need to get an agreement in writing with a referral partner and create a process for registering referral leads. You are required to make sure that when signing an agreement with a partner, that the details of the partnership are clear. It is important that you clarify the limitations of the partnership, in addition to how referrals and new leads will be handled.

Our Solution

We created a Referral Partnership Agreement template to build a formalized referral agreement between your business and partner organizations. As a word file, this 13-page agreement template is written in formal legal language, specifying referral commissions and payments schedules, as well as providing a lead registration form.

Our Referral Partnership Agreement template can be easily adjusted to fit your company´s needs, and using our tool you can clarify definitions on the agreement such as confidential information, first year net revenue, net revenue, opportunity, partner services, company services, and company fees. Major sections of the agreement include appointment and obligations, trademark cross-licenses, representations and warranties, indemnification, disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, confidentiality, term and termination, miscellaneous, and the exhibit on the lead registration form.

Key Benefits

  • 13-page agreement template
  • formal legal language agreement
  • specifies referral commission and payment schedule
  • save 10 hours on writing & formatting
  • provides lead registration form


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Agreement Editing