Product Business Case Template

Resource Overview

Use this template for any corporate product investment and as a formal communication document.


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Your Problem

You need to get approval for a Product Development intiative.

Our Solution

We created the Product Business Case Template to help you design a Business Case for any corporate product investment. Business cases are developed for many reasons, such as acquiring a company, developing a new market or to capitalize on a high-growth opportunity.  This business case template is designed to help prepare a request for significant funding outside your normal annual operating budget to invest in product development. 

For background info, read our Executive Summary: Selling Ideas with Business Cases

Key Benefits

  • a comprehensive 13-page template
  • assists in getting product development approval
  • professional format
  • saves hours of formatting
  • includes cost analysis for accounting approval


Estimated Time Required: 10 Hours

Skills Required: Writing (Advanced)

Microsoft Word Document