Our Closed Loop Research Methodology

  Research Methodology  

How Our Research Method Helps You Succeed

Since its inception, Demand Metric has developed content driven by member needs.  Our process for delivering practical marketing resources mirrors what most marketing professionals would do – if they had the time. 

A day in the life of a marketing professional ideally would allow for time to conduct exhaustive research to identify best practices to address the challenges they face.  They could apply that learning to formulate strategies, tactics, tools and templates, which they then would validate with peers and subject matter experts before executing and measuring results. 

The reality for most in the marketing profession, however, is quite different.  The immense time pressure and broad scope of responsibilities force most marketers to sacrifice quality, not because they don’t want to or know how – they simply don’t have the luxury of time to plan. 

This is where Demand Metric comes alongside marketing professionals around the globe, in large companies and small, to provide resources, training and advisory all created using a process that leaves no stone unturned.  Our quest to deliver value gives you the confidence to function at top speed knowing that we’ve done your homework for you. 

Put our Analysts and our Senior Analyst Network on your team and let us help you stay current, speed your daily tasks, and make better, faster decisions.