Modern Marketing Center of Excellence Best Practices Guide

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Read this best practices report to learn how build a Modern Marketing Center of Excellence (MMCoE).


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Executive Summary

Demand Metric collaborated with Pardot/Salesforce to conduct a research study entitled “Marketing Report Card: Keeping our Seat at the Table” to identify how Marketing as a function is being perceived. While many of the insights drawn were expected, there were a few that were shocking.

Only 15% of organizations claimed to have an easy time justifying their marketing budget. Furthermore, just 12% of organizations felt that Marketing is perceived as a highly profitable revenue center, whereas 59% perceive Marketing as a ‘necessary’ or even ‘unnessary’ expense.

This best practices report will discuss how organizations can build a Modern Marketing Center of Excellence (MMCoE), turn these perceptions around, and drive revenue growth.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. The Modern Marketing Maturity Model
  4. How to Improve Your Marketing Maturity
  5. How to Work the Modern Marketing Maturity Model
  6. Modern Marketing Center of Excellence (MMCoE)
  7. Benefits of a MMCoE to the Organization
  8. The Modern Marketing Center of Excellence (MMCoE)
  9. Why Consider Working with Demand Metric
  10. We Are the Marketers Behind the Marketers
  11. Our Best Practices Report Methodology
  12. Customer Feedback & Testimonials
  13. About Demand Metric