Gamification Technology Overview

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Our Gamification Technology Overview highlights the Gamification technology space at a high-level.


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A new, younger generation is now entering the workforce, bringing with them different mindsets and technologies than their Baby Boomer predecessors. For this new generation, video games, social media and all things digital and interactive have been an integral part of their everyday life. Engaging this new generation and those generations that follow is a serious challenge for businesses in the present. When seeking to engage an Online Community, particularly one consisting of millennials, Gamification is an approach that creates an environment of real-time feedback, benefits and rewards to which the digital generations have become accustomed.

Quite simply, Gamification incorporates game-design mechanisms into non-game applications and environments to make them more engaging while adding a dimension of fun and competition. Gamification is a means to an end and, in broad terms, that end goal is behavior change. More specifically, companies gamify applications, websites or communities to better engage customers, employees or both.

The insights and analysis presented in this Vendor Landscape are given to provide marketers with an overview of Gamification platforms and tools that enable Modern Marketing Organizations (MMOs) to make effective purchasing decisions about Gamification solutions that best fit their broader Customer Engagement strategy. Our look at this technology landscape focuses on the primary applications for Gamification, which broadly fall into the categories of Customer Loyalty or Advocacy, Customer Engagement and Employee Engagement.

This study covers the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Gamification Vendor Landscape
  • Evolution of the Landscape
  • Analyst Bottom Line
  • About the Research Analysts
  • Our Technology Overview Methodology
  • About Demand Metric