Enablement KM Vendors Matrix

Resource Overview

Use this matrix to obtain information about key vendors that can help you build your Enablement Knowledge Management (Enablement KM).


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Your Problem

You are looking to learn more about potential solutions for building an enablement KM. You are responsible for collecting information on key enablement KM vendors in order to report them to your team to make a knowledgeable vendor selection decision.

Our Solution

Our enablement KM Vendor Matrix provides you with information about vendors that can assist you in building an enablement KM. We created this Microsoft Excel based matrix to give a quick overview of the key players in the enablement KM production arena.

In this template, we have included information on 10 key enablement KM vendors with sections detailing target industries, business model, offerings, customers and website for each vendor. This template is easily customized as we have included space for you to outline other enablement KM solutions you may come across in your research.

Key Benefits

  • provides descriptions of 10 key solutions
  • saves time on research
  • includes detailed information for each vendor
  • can be filtered to view vendors that fit your criterion
  • facilitates communication of research findings


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Excel (basic)