Demand Metric Launches DM University


Demand Metric Launches DM University - practical, online marketing training delivered on-demand.

Vancouver, BC – February 12, 2013 – Demand Metric, a marketing advisory firm, has launched DM University to offer practical, online marketing training on-demand.  DM University course and workshop offerings are free to Demand Metric Analyst, Executive and Team members, and are available for purchase by anyone else.

Since it was founded in 2006, Demand Metric has been a source of practical resources for marketing professionals.  Initially these were in the form of tools and templates available for download through a membership.  Since then, the resources Demand Metric offers has expanded significantly in type and number, particularly during the past 12 months.  Today, Demand Metric serves over 26,000 members whose needs drive the development of Demand Metric marketing resources, including today’s launch of DM University.

DM University represents the newest and most in-depth resource developed to meet member needs.  The current offerings include:

  • Training Courses:  In depth curriculums built on Demand Metric tools, templates and methodologies.  These courses equip a student to execute a marketing task or function, include assessments to gauge learning and provide a certificate of completion. 


  • eWorkshops:  30-60-minute examinations of marketing topics from a “how-to” perspective. 


“The launch of DM University is a natural evolution of Demand Metric resources,” says John Follett, Chief Marketing Officer of Demand Metric.  “The marketing tools and templates we offer have long appealed to experienced marketers for the productivity benefits they provide.  As more business professionals discover Demand Metric tools and templates, we saw a need to provide more sophisticated resources.  Last year, we launched a series of methodologies that provide a blueprint for the use of our tools, templates and best practices to accomplish things like marketing strategy, marketing communications, content marketing or social media. Now, we’re building online, on-demand training courses that go even deeper in helping our members execute marketing strategy.  As with all of our resources, the emphasis is on the practical.  Our curriculum is designed to help people do their jobs better, not just teach concepts.”

Featured Training Course

The featured training course for the launch of DM University is “Creating a Marketing Communications Plan”, an online, on-demand course based upon the popular Demand Metric marketing communications plan methodology

The goal of this training course is to teach organizations a method for creating and executing a marketing communications plan that is aligned with the organization’s marketing strategy.  The course covers the following six stages of developing and executing a marketing communications (marcomm) plan:

  1. Strategy & Environment
  2. Audience
  3. Objectives
  4. Messages
  5. Channels
  6. Budget & Measurement


At the end of each stage, students are given a short assessment to test their retention of the concepts that were taught.  Students earn a certificate for successful course completion.

Click here to view all the offerings available through DM University.