Dedicated Research Analyst



How Can a Dedicated Research Analyst Help You?


For Analyst and Executive Members, a dedicated Research Analyst comes along with your membership to provide you with additional convenience, customer service and support.  Their role is to get to know you and your organization in an effort to provide your relevant information, time-saving tools and templates, and expert advice to help you perform more effectively.  Here are just a few of the services that your Research Analyst can do for you:

  • Research Requests: just send an email detailing what type of resource you are looking for, and your Research Analyst will dig it up and send it to you.

  • Booking Senior Analyst Inquiries: for Executive members only, Research Analysts can arrange a meeting with an expert in our Senior Analyst Network.

  • Adding Additional Users: let us know if you want to share Demand Metric with your team, and we will set up and provide an orientation for your users.

  • Accessing DM University: get on-the-job training with our online courses & workshops.  Simply email your Research Analyst and they will set you up.

  • Suggesting New Content: let your Research Analyst know if you have an idea for a tool, infograhic or how-to guide, and they'll get it onto the roadmap.

  • Technical Support: if you are having issues with a document or our website, just email or call your Research Analyst for immediate support.

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How to Access our Senior Analyst Network (Executive Members Only)

  • If you haven't already, upgrade to our Executive membership to gain access to unlimited inquiries within our Senior Analyst Network.

  • Early in your membership period, work with your Research Analyst to schedule a needs assessment call with a Senior Analyst.  This call provides the analyst team with background on your situation, goals and needs so we can develop a Value Roadmap for the year.

  • Whenever you wish, contact your Research Analyst to schedule an inquiry.  During your membership period, there is no limit to how often you can have a discussion with the Demand Metric analyst team.

  • At least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled inquiry, provide your Research Analyst with whatever background is necessary to help make your inquiry dialogue productive.  Send any information, attachments, links or other information that will help us prepare for your call.

  • Following each inquiry, we will summarize the inquiry discussion, recommendations, responsibilities or action items with an email.
How often you exploit your analyst inquiry benefit is up to you.  While your Research Analyst may periodically reach out to you with new resources or information we perceive as relevant, it is your responsibility to initiate inquiries as you need them.  Take full advantage of this benefit – members who do often renew their memberships on the basis of a single Senior Analyst interaction!  Get the full value of your Executive membership by regularly scheduling Senior Analyst inquiries.