CRM Vendor Evaluation Matrix

Resource Overview

We created the CRM Vendor Evaluation Matrix to help you compare potential CRM solutions.


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Your Problem

You need to select the right CRM Vendor for your company. It is important that you compare potential solutions to one another and that you choose the right system for your business.

Our Solution

We created the CRM Vendor Evaluation Matrix to help you compare potential CRM solutions. This tool enables you to rank and compare vendors based on their ability to deliver on your requirements. This matrix includes set critieria but it can be customized based on your company's needs. At the end, we provide you with a vendor fit pentagon that allows you to see a clear comparison of the vendors and to select the best choice for your company.

For background info, read our Executive Summary: Evaluating Hosted CRM

Key Benefits

  • helps you compare potential CRM solutions
  • includes drop-down ranking system
  • provides a vendor fit pentagon
  • save 2 hours on formatting
  • easily customized to fit your needs


Microsoft Excel Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Microsoft Excel