CRM Maturity Assessment

Resource Overview

Use this assessment to evaluate your CRM program maturity.


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Your Problem

You need to assess the maturity of your CRM program. It is important that you consider all aspects related to the CRM program and that you report and benchmark your current capabilities.

Our Solution

We created the CRM Maturity Assessment to help you evaluate your CRM program maturity. This tool enables you to rate your compliance with best practices across 15 categories, including: Senior Management Commitment, Customer-Centric Organization, Business Goals & Objectives Alignment, Customer Satisfaction Management, Customer Strategy, Knowledge Creation, Business Intelligence, CRM Analytics, Campaign Management, Performance Management, Touch-Point Integration, Process Maturity & Documentation Level, Data Management & Integration, Enabling Technology User Training & Support, and Enabling Technology User Adoption.

This is a great tool to help you determine your CRM program maturity and to rate your compliance amongst best practices.

Key Benefits

  • helps you determine your CRM program maturity
  • provides information on best practices
  • identifies areas that may need improvement
  • easy-to-use tool
  • save 2 hours


Microsoft Excel Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Business Analysis