Core Values Worksheet

Resource Overview

A professionally designed template to help you craft your core values.


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Your Problem

You need to share your company's core values.

Our Solution

We created the Core Values Worksheet to help you communicate your company's core values.  This Microsoft Word template encourages you to identify & document your core values in order to shape the culture and character of your company by providing a strong sense of identify and to provide a thread of continuity that can hold the organization together.  When communicated and implemented properly, core values will help to guide employee behavior and organization decision-making.  

Key Benefits

  • allows you to document your core values
  • provides a real-world example
  • supports all aspects of your organization
  • promotes a sense of identity & continuity
  • saves 2 hours on writting & formatting


Microsoft Excel Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Strategic Positioning