Are You Using Native Advertising?

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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

Traditional forms of online advertising such as Pay Per Click campaigns, social ads, content marketing and sponsored blog posts are beginning to be less effective.

So what’s the alternative? Native advertising:

“By matching advertorial to content, the hope is the increased relevance to the viewer results in the desired action for that ad. For example, let’s say you’re a fan of Ford vehicles. You visit a site like Jalopnik and, while reading about the new Ford F-150, you see an accompanying ad for tonneau covers, or tire pressure monitoring hardware.

By providing complementary ads to an audience on a relevant site, and providing context for the purchase, the chances of the ad being more successful are higher than an ad for toothpaste, for example.”

As a business, how can you incorporate Native Advertising into your marketing mix?

  • Partner with bloggers in your industry or niche, and provide relevant advertising opportunities for them where they can also benefit. 

As mobile browsing becomes the preferred choice for content consumption, this opens up a host of different opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers:

  • Targeted, native ads on Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr
  • Native ads on mobile apps

Native advertising appears to be growing in popularity and effectiveness. What is your company doing to incorporate native advertising into the marketing plan for 2014?

Click here to read Danny Brown's full article: "How You Can Use Native Advertising to Complement Content Marketing."

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