Top Google Searches for 2013

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Kristen Maida
Kristen Maida wrote:

Keywords and SEO have always been an integral part of marketing your website.  Companies across the globe (including ours) spend hours analyzing the key search terms for their product(s)/service(s) to increase their web traffic and, ultimately, to grow their revenue potential.  Rather than being Google's #1 overall search for the year, the goal for most organizations is to outrank competitors in the search terms relevant to their industries.

However, it is beneficial for us, as marketers, to review the yearly top Google searches as it helps us understand the mindset of web searchers, which allows us to better align our SEO strategies with consumer wants/needs.

Here is a link to the Top Google Searches for 2013:

While tragic events comprise a majority of this list, there are a few consumer products and one viral video idea included in the "A" team.

Are you surprised by the "Top 10"? Are there any other searches you thought might have been on this list?

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