Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Improve your Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing doesn’t just stop at posting something to your blog; that’s only part of the process. With the prevalence of social media it’s more important than ever to create a sustainable content marketing plan. With the majority of bloggers using Wordpress as a platform; here are five must-have plugins that will take your content marketing plan to the next level:

1. “Slick” Social Media Sharing Buttons
It’s important that you make sharing your content with others as easy & accessible as possible. Slick provides buttons for the popular social channels, and it’s easy to set up.

Tip: Don’t overdo it! Too many buttons can be distracting and actually dissuade people from sharing your awesome content.

2. Reduce Spam
“Captcha” requires images for all comments & forms on the site. It works by having the reader answer a simple math equation to differentiate between humans and spam.

3. Optimize your Content with Ease
If you haven’t already you must Install Wordpress SEO by Yoast; the highest rated and most loved SEO plugin for Wordpress. You can set SEO parameters and monitor your keyword density while you write your post. It also gives you an analysis to help you improve your keyword optimization. 

4. Finally Get Some Comments!
There’s nothing worse than putting thought & time into a blog post only to see a big fat ‘0’ next to the comments section. Improve your visibility with “Disqus,” a popular commenting service and blogging social network. Just install and it will do the rest!

5. Streamline the Guest Blogging Process
Finding guest bloggers, editing & posting their content can be a lot of work, but it’s a key part of your content marketing strategy. It’s more than just free content; it brings in a new voice and opens up opportunities (check out this case study). “My Blog Guest” streamlines the process of finding guest authors by letting you search, make offers and publish your articles all through the Wordpress dashboard. Watch their how-to-video here.

Caution: this plugin makes it so easy to accept and publish guest posts that you may forget to write your own content! 

Any other suggestions for plugins that will help improve your content marketing strategy?

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