Social Networks : Where and Who Are the Users?

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Danny Brown
Danny Brown wrote:

Success when managing a social media presence is a function of a variety of parameters. Understanding the affinity of a brand’s target audience to the various social networks is key.

This chart shows the percentage of demogrpahics using the top social networks, based on lifestyle and interests.

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Melonie Dodaro
Melonie Dodaro wrote:

It's important to know these demographics for a couple of reasons:

1. Understand the best social networks for your business based on your target demographic

2. Creating the right content strategy for each social network that will appeal most to your target audience

Thanks for sharing this great info Danny.


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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote:

That is great info Danny!  I work around a lot of college students, and I'm seeing more of them moving to Instagram, Vine and Snapchat.  This demographic has taken to referring to Facebook as "Mommybook".  All of this simply reinforces the core message of what's been shared here: know your demographic.