Salesforce and Omnicom Media Group announce strategic partnership

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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be the core of Omnicom's social marketing offerings to help companies connect with their customers in entirely new ways.

Salesforce products like Radian6 for social listening, Buddy Media for social publishing, and for social advertising will make it easy for Omnicom agencies to effectively scale social listening, publishing and advertising for their thousands of clients globally.

What are your thoughts on Salesforce's latest acquisitions and partnerships?

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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote: has been busy in terms of partnerships and acquisitions lately. In addition to the partnership Lauren references, acquired ExactTarget not long ago. More importantly, should we be pleased or frightened at these goings on? is clearly building their solution into an ecosystem. These partnerships and acquisitions add complementary functionality to their platform, so I view it as a natural evolution for a company with a market leading solution. These moves really shouldn't surprise anyone. The lines between CRM, Marketing Automation and Social Media management have been getting increasingly blurry. There are certainly advantages for those who buy into the ecosystem.

What about those who don't? Will they (we) be out of luck when it comes to the benefits of the functionally rich, highly integrated platform that continues to become? I don't think so. I believe these partnerships and acquisitions are designed to broaden the scope and appeal of the offering, not to wall out other vendors. still wants new customers, even if they don't use the integrated Marketing Automation solution or Social Media management tools. These strategic moves are designed to grow and better serve their customer base, not turn potential new customers away.

I think we'll continue to see continue to acquire complementary solutions and forge partnerships as fast as they reasonably can.