Sales Enablement Benchmark Report

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Jesse Hopps
Jesse Hopps wrote:

We are just about to start a new research study to produce a benchmark report on Sales Enablement. The study will happen in August and the benchmark report will be published in September. 

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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote:

Our Sales Enablement survey is already revealing some insights.  There are two that I think are pretty significant.

The first has to do with how Sales Enablement is understood.  The top answer to the question we ask to determine this is:  "It develops strategy to help improve the sales process."  Note the word "strategy" in that statement.  It connotes that Sales Enablement, as it is understood by the survey participants, is a strategic function.  However, when we ask the participants to tell us if their Sales Enablement function is oriented more operationally or strategically, only 18% said it was oriented strategically.  I think it is hard for a strategic function to be effective when it exists in a day-to-day, operational world.

Another interesting insight is revealed when we compare responses from organizations that claim their Sales Enablement function is making a significant contribution, to those who say their function is making no discernible contribution or only a slight one.  The differences show up in several areas:

  • Sales Enablement is poorly understood where it is not making a contribution
  • It is doing different things - focused less on providing training and assets to the sales team where it is not making a contribution
  • It is a much younger function where it is not making a contribution (56% of orgs report that the function is less than 2 years old vs. 24% for orgs where it is making a contribution)
  • It is measured differently, if at all - 48% report no measurement or accountability for Sales Enablement - in orgs where it is not perceived as contributing


There are other insights as well.  The first draft of the Sales Enablement Benchmarking Study report is about 2 weeks away from completion!  We'll present the results at an upcoming webinar and at DemandCon on Oct. 1st.

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Clare Price
Clare Price wrote:

We are also completing a new in-depth look at Sales Enablement based on our benchmark study and in-depth client interviews. This study will provide trends analysis as well as action plans to create or improve your sales enablement intiatives and processes.  

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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

This report is now complete! Click here to check it out!