Ryan Air Makes Customer Service Improvements

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Adrian Hargreaves
Adrian Hargreaves wrote:

Bloomberg reports how Ryan Air is continuing to ‘adjust practices that had become synonymous with the airline’s notoriously abrasive style’.  Today CEO Michael O’Leary will field questions for a second time on Twitter.  More than 1,500 questions were submitted during O’Leary’s first exchange with customers.

Ryan Air will slash luggage fees and allow a second carry-on bag, offer its mobile app for free and make its web site more user-friendly.

Full article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-25/ryanair-cuts-bag-fees-as-o-leary-extends-customer-service-review.html

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Clare Price
Clare Price wrote:

Hi Adrian,  This is a great example of a company who is very proactive in addressing the customer experience and protecting their brand. Several things stood out for me here: 1) the speed of response 2) The level of response -- putting the CEO publically on the hotseat with live questions not just issuing a "statement." 3) The number of key service changes made immediately. Thanks for sharing this.  

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Micheline Logan
Micheline Logan wrote:

People tend to look aghast when I cite Ryanair as a company that understands customer experience. It helps that O'Leary knows who his customers are and who they are not. He is also not at all recalcitrant about sticking his neck out.