Product Development Prioritization Tool Template Challenges

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Thomas Trombley
Thomas Trombley wrote:

I'm having challenges with the Product Development Prioritization Tool template, wondering if someone can help me decipher them...

  • The canned template has a scoring and ranking tab, the latter feeding into the bubbe map. The scoring tab is subdivided in three ways for "Strategic Fit": alignment with goals, market positioning and capabilities. When I unhide the columns on the ranking tab under "Strategic Fit", I get the following: ease of use, strength of valu prop an fit with needs. I don't see how the score feeds into the rank, or the oher way around, can someone clarify?
  • If I use the "New Product 1" as an example, on the scoring tab it has low numbers for strategic fit, then why is it high on the Rankin tab? Should I assume all numbers entered were just arbitrary for the sake of example? 


Maybe I'm wrong, but might it be best to just have the scoring tab feed directly into the Bubble Matrix? I fail to see how the rankings tab breaks it out correctly.

Thank you!

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Jesse Hopps
Jesse Hopps wrote:

Hi Thomas,

I think the Rankings tab is sorted by Overall Score, not just one of the 3 main variables that we use for the mapping to the Bubble Matrix.  As a Quick Start member, we can give you further assistance (email or phone support) with that tool and/or customizing it further for your needs if you like.  

Let me know if you'd like more information on a Quick Start membership.