Marketing: non-invasive brain surgery

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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote:

Ira Kalb, in a story about Fiat buying Chrysler and the "buy American" mentality, made this statement about branding: ""Brand is a funny thing; it exists in the mind. In marketing, that’s what we do. We’re sort of doing non-invasive brain surgery."

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Kristen Maida
Kristen Maida wrote:

What a great analogy, Jerry!  


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Terrel Transtrum
Terrel Transtrum wrote:

Jerry, we have recently begun referring to places in the mind as being analagous to real estate development.  If someone asks me about my favorite pizza, there is a very busy street in my mind with locations reserved for favorite NY style, favorite local, favorite deep dish, even my favorite supreme.  Competition for the mental space on that crowded pizza street is keen.  However, there are some large tracts that haven't been touched . . . for instance, I just learned about a method for structuring water with hydrogen molecules and nano-sized molecules to enhance cell absorption, and it's a brand new development, so there's room all around this one.  Cheers!