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Stephan Sorger
Stephan Sorger wrote:


Can anyone recommend a good categorization for marketing analytics technologies? Here is what I came up with, based on an Internet search of many analytics-based resources. The list shows categories and a few sample vendors for each.


Statistical Software: R, SAS, SPSS

Marketing Data Analysis/BI: ClikView, IBM, PivotLink, Sybase

Big Data Analytics: Hadoop, Teradata

Data Visualization: Cognos, GoodData, Leftronic

Marketing Tools and Templates: Demand Metric

Social Media Analysis: Radian6, SproutSocial, Visible

Marketing Automation: Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot

Web Analytics: CoreMetrics, Google Analytics, WebTrends


Also, if you can point to any sources that have a good categorization, that would be appreciated.



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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote:

Hi Stephan,

I think that marketing analytics needs a taxonomy of the sort you're trying to put together.  I found some work that IDC had done, and one thing they included in their business analytics taxonomy was a category for data warehouse platforms.  Do you think that belongs in your taxonomy?  Here's the link to their page that references it (scroll to the bottom to see it):