IDC Canada Report: Analytics in Retail

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Stephan Sorger
Stephan Sorger wrote:

Industry analyst firm IDC Canada recently released a report stating that Canada has made progress in the adoption of big data and innovative uses of analytics in climate and weather changes. The report recommends that Canadian companies leverage the power of analytics and big data toward the interpretation of shopping retail patterns to drive retail sales. Here is a link to an article discussing the report:

What's your take? Do you agree with the findings? Are you seeing Canadian retailers using analytics?


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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote:


I'm not in a great position to know how Canadian retailers are embracing analytics, but the report's findings don't trouble me.  Perhaps at the time this study was published Canada was behind, but what I see across the board, in all industries and in the geographies I see, is growing interest in having a real analytics process.  Interest may not be a strong enough word - in some cases, it is a true sense of urgency.  Just my 2 cents...