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Already promoting your brand using traditional Instagram posts? You can up your game by making use of Instagram Stories - a feature that lets users post photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours and can be embellished with text, stickers and links.

Instagram Stories has more than 300 million daily users, and stories are automatically shown at the top of a user’s feed. This makes them an amazing tool for marketing - and one which many brands are still overlooking.

If you’re confused about exactly how to use Instagram Stories, keep reading for four simple but effective suggestions.

1. Highlight your latest posts

Got an awesome new post which isn’t getting as many views, likes, or comments as you’d hoped? You can give your new post a fast, free boost by posting a teaser in your stories. One popular technique involves taking a screenshot of your Instagram page, scribbling out your latest post, then adding some text like, ‘Check out our newest post!’

Alternatively, you could post a candid shot that gives an idea of the content of your latest post, or a black screen with text that encourages users to check it out. Since users can tap on your username at the top left of the Stories screen, it’s easy for them to navigate straight to your profile.

2. Share behind-the-scenes details

The people who view your Instagram Stories most often will be your existing followers, so they’re a great place to share sneak previews and behind-the-scenes details with your loyal fans. You could tease a new product launch by showing images of prototypes, build hype for an event by sharing your set-up, or show pictures of your models without makeup.

Anything that makes followers feel like they’re getting special, ‘secret’ content is sure to keep them following and coming back for more. It’s also a great chance to build your brand identity and make sure you stand out from the competition.

3. Broadcast live from events

Instagram Stories allows you post live streams that viewers can watch in real time, which is a great chance to build a real relationship with your followers. You could host a live Q and A session about one of your products, or stream from an exclusive event. It’s a good idea to advertise live streams in advance so that followers know when to tune in.

If you want to build a brand that’s authentic and exciting, Instagram live streams are a really valuable tool.

4. Share links to external content

Got a massive following on Instagram but don’t see many hits on your website or YouTube channel? While it’s not possible to add links to traditional Instagram posts, Instagram Stories lets you direct users to a website, product page, video, or app, via a simple ‘Swipe up’ link. This is a really easy way to boost traffic without paying for social media ads.

You’ll need to hit 10k followers and make your Instagram account into a business account before you can add links to your stories, but that’s a good benchmark to aim for anyway.

Start using Instagram stories as part of your internet marketing strategy to boost your brand image, increase engagement, and get more traffic to your website.

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