Have you heard about the new changes to Gmail?

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Melonie Dodaro
Melonie Dodaro wrote:

Google has rolled out of a new inbox to Gmail which affects all businesses that do any kind of email marketing.

This latest update has created 5 different tabs or inboxes (Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates and Forums) that Google will sort your email into. The problem with these new tabs is that newsletters (such as this one) or email updates from businesses that you have subscribed to, will now be harder to find. Here are some quick directions to help you ensure that you will be able to continue finding our latest newsletter!
To remove the tabs altogether, simple click the “+” sign found to the right of the tabs. This will open a box where you can unselect all or as many of the tabs as you want, except your Primary Inbox, which is where all of your email will go.  Click the save button at the bottom of the box and this will make your Inbox the same as it was before the change.


If you want to keep all or several of the tabs, you can still easily get this newsletter or emails from any other sender by dragging and dropping the email from one tab to another. A little box will pop up at the top and ask you if you would like to do this for future emails from that sender and you will click yes.


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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

Hi Melonie, thanks for posting on this topic.  I find I'm missing emails with this new format - it's great to know that you can actually remove the tabs if you want!