Google's 100% secure Search - 'Data Is The New Oil'

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Adrian Hargreaves
Adrian Hargreaves wrote:

Marketing Magazine has published an article by Howard King, head of data and analytics at Rufus Leonard, concerning Google who recently announced it was switching to 100% secure search.

Howard writes that, the move to 100% secure search means that when you search on Google and click through to a website, the website owner can no longer see the keywords you searched for on Google that brought you to their site. Instead, it will be replaced with the single phrase: "Not provided".

He also offers his view on the reasons for Google’s move which he believes centre on ‘data being the new oil’.

The article will be of interest to those interested in data, search marketing and SEO.

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3 Responses

Ryan Dekker's picture
Ryan Dekker
Ryan Dekker wrote:

That sounds consistant with google's general trend towards offering less free services and monotizing previously free apps. My guess is analytics itself is going to become a subscription based service in the next several year.

danielson317 wrote:

It very true though. Analytics is probably the most valuable data google has I can understand their desire to charge for it.

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Jesse Hopps
Jesse Hopps wrote:

It will make it more difficult to measure ROI on content marketing programs and PPC for sure.