Foursquare Now Displaying Ads

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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

Foursquare is under pressure to generate more revenue, and has responded by gradually rolling out post check-in advertisements. The ads pop up based on the type of venue a user checks into.

The ads work based on the type of venue users check into. Take Captain Morgan rum for example. If users check into bars, an ad for Captain Morgan will pop up; suggesting the user order a rum & coke.

Foursquare has laid out some ground rules when it comes to competitors; you won’t see an ad for KFC when you check into McDonalds.

What do you think of Foursquare’s decision to sell ad space? Do you think it will scare users away? Or do you think it will improve the experience, as the ads are targeted and more relevant to the user’s personal situation?

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