Is Facebook Failing Marketers?

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Adrian Hargreaves
Adrian Hargreaves wrote:

A Forrester report produced from a study of 395 marketers in The US, Canada and the UK accuses Facebook of failing marketers by following a traditional ad selling model which it once disparaged, rather than supporting social marketing.  Facebook have slammed the report, labelling it as 'irresponsible'.

The full article from Marketing Magazine can be seen here

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Jerry Rackley
Jerry Rackley wrote:

I don't see this as Facebook failing marketers.  Perhaps if it had promised one thing and delivered another in terms of advertising function or capability, it would be a failure.  Here's a better question:  is Facebook fully leveraging its ability to understand, segment and reach an audience in its advertising offerings?  

The appeal of Facebook is its extensive audience.  As long as it continues to enjoy a strong following, it can be a very attractive advertising channel, even if its advertising offerings, mechanisms or terms are less than ideal.  Should it see its audience erode, even a perfect advert offering won't save it.