[Event] A Rapid-Fire Q&A with Webinar Expert Matthew Ley

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John Follett wrote:

Over the past few months, we have received an influx of questions from the Demand Metric’s community; marketers just like you who want actionable advice on how to run more effective webinars. I've been secretly building a list of FAQs and now it's time to provide some answers!

On April 14th at 2pm ET we're hosting a webinar where I'll be joined by Matthew Ley, President of The Streaming Network. However, there’s one small catch…

We’re going to keep Matt on his toes (and hopefully make him squirm) by conducting a live, rapid fire Q&A session that will be streamed from the Better Webinars Desk in Toronto, Canada.

A few of the questions that will be covered include:

  • What type of Webinar content performs the best?
  • What can a webinar organizer do to drive registration and ultimately viewership?
  • What is the ideal promotional schedule for a webinar?
  • What can you do to drive engagement within a webinar?


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a real webinar expert! We hope to see you online next week.


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