Does your Company Attract Millennials?

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Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder of Hubspot wrote a great article on how Millennials think, and what entrepeneurs and thought leaders need to do to adapt their companies in order to attract them.

A few key points from Halligan's article:

- Millennials or Generation Y now comprise more of the workforce than GenXers and Baby Boomers

OWGs (Old White Guys) have built their company culture around the things that motivated their generation: money, career progression, and retirement plans. The Millennial generation has an entirely different consideration set for motivation. 

So what motivates Millennials?

- "This new crop of employees is far more motivated by their mission than by the money they make. They want to transform a broken industry, save the planet, feed the starving, etc.

- This new generation works diligently in hopes of learning as much as possible and moving on to the next challenging project. They typically stay at a company for 1.5 years. 

- For the new generation, the office is an “idea” that you work at whatever hours seem natural, wherever you are the most productive. 

- These Millennials don’t like rules. They have an unquenchable desire to be treated like adults.

Only 30% of the Fortune 1000 companies in 2003 will remain on the list in 2013Why? Well, it turns out that we really are living in an age of massive change - it’s not just a platitude. If your company can transform the way it operates to match the way these new workers think, live, and work, you will reap the rewards. If your company is stuck in the ‘90’s and doesn’t make the shift, you will have to deal with a continuing rotating door of Millennial employees."

Halligan references as a great example of a company that has adapted to fit with this new generation. 

What is your company doing to attract Millennials?

Read Brian Halligan's full article here.

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